1 Minute On What’s Happening To The Middle Class. Hint: It’s Not Pretty.

For at least the past 35 years, Americans have been working harder and harder for more hours but falling further behind. Here's a clear one minute about that.

But all is not lost! For more about why this happened and what we can do about it, check out the movie links below the clip.

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Contrary to popular mythology, globalization and technology haven't really reduced the number of jobs available to Americans; these transformations have reduced their pay.


I mean it's not just that wages are stagnating, but when you take into consideration rising costs - the rising costs of rents or homes, dramatically increasing costs of healthcare, the rising costs of childcare, and also the rising costs of higher education, rising much faster than inflation - take all of these into consideration and you find that it's much worse than just stagnating wages. It's basically middle-class families, often with two wage-earners, working harder, and harder, and harder, and getting nowhere.

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This is a clip from "Inequality for All," the film starring Robert Reich. You can see or order it here. It's also available to watch instantly on Amazon, or you can get the DVD from Netflix. It is truly worth your time to see the whole movie — I promise! Fact-checks by Robert Reich's very capable crew.

Feb 27, 2014

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