You Probably Didn’t Learn This Sex History In School — But Maybe You Should’ve

Yeah, some of these two minutes' worth of historical sex tidbits were pretty laughable to me as a modern-ish lady (avocados? really?!) — but the part at the end where laws come in? That really shocked me.


40 B.C. — Cleopatra would allegedly fill a hollow gourd with bees creating a primitive vibrator.

13th century — Aztec families would not allow their virgin daughters outside during avocado season because they believed the fruit to be too powerful an aphrodisiac.

15th century — Leonardo da Vinci studied the bodies of hanged men to disprove Aristotle's assertion that an erect penis was caused by an influx of air.

16th century France — Men accused of being impotent were forced to prove their virility in front of witnesses in court. Failure was cause for divorce.

18th century — famous seducer Giacomo Casanova allegedly gave his female companions half of a lemon rind to use as a diaphragm.

  • According to Mother Jones, Casanova attests to this in his memoir.

19th century — Minister Sylvester Graham introduced a bland, spiceless cracker as an alternative to spicy foods, which were believed to increase the libido.

1920s — Christian missionaries in the South Pacific promoted the "English-American" sex position to replace local variations.

  • Wikipedia supports this common belief (among other sources).

Late 1930s — Lysol was marketed as a feminine hygiene product.

Prior to 1962, oral sex was a felony in most U.S. states and could be punished with a lengthy prison term and hard labor.


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