Watch How Their Gay Rights Volunteers Make Other Volunteers Wish They Were These Volunteers

When you hear the words "major," "moment," and "gay" in a sentence, you know that the only acceptable response is letting out a loud "yeahhhhaaasss!"


When there's talk about livesbeing lost, it’s obviously pretty scary. But change is a comin'. Sohere’s the real deal. The only thing that didn’t get past go with our factcheckers was the claim that in 10 countries, being gay can cost you your life. This article,which the video makers collaborated on in May 2014, says "at least five." The InternationalLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association lists six countries. Granted, one is toomany, but just wanted to drop those stats. I’ll be ready to party when thatnumber reaches zero.

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