Upworthy's father's day collection— purchase cool gifts this season & save $10 with code SPRING10

Upworthy's father's day collection— purchase cool gifts this season & save $10 with code SPRING10

This Father's Day, purchase a cool gift from our store, spoil the father figures in your family with a hand-crafted gift. Check out our curated list of father loving gifts and also read personal stories from local artisans who are Dad's doing their best to support their family's by creating products for me and you at Upworthy Market!

Jempinis Wood Deer Eyeglasses Holder from Bali

Bold and sophisticated, a studious deer is depicted in this charming eyeglasses holder from Bali. Yudi Suardi designs this holder, hand-carved from jempinis wood to depict the deer in all its majesty. Your eyeglasses will fit perfectly within a notch in the deer's head.


Sterling Silver Balinese Meditation Spinner Ring for Men

Swirling currents ebb across the surface of this powerful ring for men, designed and crafted by Bali's Komang Suastra. The curling wave and rope motifs in polished silver are beautifully complemented by a dark, oxidized silver backdrop. The ring is a spinner or meditation ring, intended to aid in attaining a peaceful state of mind. The inner band spins freely as desired within the outer band.


Men's Black Leather Wallet with Traditional Styling

Indian artisan Sanchit designs a men's wallet with classic styling. Crafted from supple black leather, the wallet features two bill compartments, nine card slots, two multipurpose pockets and one ID window pocket.


Hand Crafted Teak Wood Smartphone Speaker

Hand carved from rich teak wood, this hands-free rectangular smartphone speaker is the perfect accessory for watching movies, FaceTime calls, or even a bedroom dance party. Designed by Thai artisan Sanai Keawchaisa, the speaker features a side slot for holding your phone horizontally and a speaker on the left side for amplifying your favorite music, movies, or podcasts. Please note the speaker is compatible with all smartphones .5 inches and under in thickness. No batteries or electricity required.


6 Artisan Crafted Blue Green Blown Glass Highball Glasses

Aquamarine dissolves into a vibrant lime hue in the refreshing design of these highball glasses. Designed by Javier and Efren each glass is crafted with Mexican blown glass techniques, in which artisans blow through a metal pipe while twirling it with one hand. They simultaneously shape the molten glass at the other end, expertly achieving this color effect.


Wood 3-Sided Domino Set Crafted

By Thai artisan Waraporn Khamsuk, this domino set offers a unique twist on the traditional tabletop game. Handmade from raintree wood, 56 triangular dominoes or 'Trionimoes' come within a handy wooden box. The corner of each domino is hand-painted with colorful dots. This 2-6 player set offers fun for the whole family.


Sterling Silver Dragon Om Pendant Necklace from India

Framed by the image of a dragon biting its tail, the iconic symbol for the meditative mantra om is realized in high-polish sterling silver. Shivani Choudhary designs this bold and meditative Indian pendant necklace, which is crafted by local artisans.


Read stories from our local artisans who create beautiful crafts to support their family members.

Jali Artisan Gulam Rasool Struggled But Is Now a Recognized Master

"For Gulam Rasool, jali carving is a family affair, a skill he learned from his own father and has now taught to his son. In fact, the art form is so entwined with his own family legacy, that he believes it has been passed down through the generations, tracing its history all the way back to the 16th century."

View his artisan collection and read his story here


Gratitude is Integral to Wayan Asmana's Work

"Today, his life looks very different. Not only has his gorgeous jewelry found its way to adoring customers around the world — a high honor for any artist—he has also been able to support his family and uplift his community in the process."

View his artisan collection and read his story here


Wayan Rendah Thrives with Gratitude

"But since I was recruited to sell online, a lot has changed. Today, I can provide better meals for my family. I can provide for my children’s education even until they are in college. And also, now I could buy a house for my family."

View his artisan collection and read his story here


Julio Sanchez Risked It All

“My art is both a legacy and a tradition handed down over generations by great masters in the art of tooled leather. I was fortunate to learn from one of them and that has made me what I am today.“I feel proud of my work and of building a home when I had started with absolutely nothing. I have put a lot of hard work and commitment into giving my family and children the best I could.

View his artisan collection and read his story here


Robert Aidoo-Taylor - Finding His Dream

"Apart from enhancing the beauty of homes and offices, and making people prettier with my variety of jewelry, I haven’t done badly in life. For starters, I have raised a beautiful family. My lovely wife gave me two intelligent daughters. I take care of extended family members and I train future champions in art.”

View his artisan collection and read his story here


Wayan Buana - Inspiration in Art

"Right before we ended our conversation, he confessed that his lifetime goals have now been achieved: building a home for his family, giving his children a better education, providing job opportunities for his neighborhood, and his creative ideas flourishing without any financial burden."

View his artisan collection and read his story here


A Korean mother and her son

A recently posted story on Reddit shows a mother confidently standing up for her family after being bullied by a teacher for her culture. Reddit user Flowergardens0 posted the story to the AITA forum, where people ask whether they are wrong in a specific situation.

Over 5,600 people commented on the story, and an overwhelming majority thought the mother was right. Here’s what went down:

“I (34F) have a (5M) son who attends preschool. A few hours after I picked him up from school today, I got a phone call from his teacher,” Flowergardens0 wrote. “She made absolutely no effort to sound kind when she, in an extremely rude and annoyed tone, told me to stop packing my son such ‘disgusting and inappropriate’ lunches."

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A new study seems to reinforce this idea. And much to our surprise, it's centered on headlines used in Upworthy stories.

Using a public archive of Upworthy headlines and traffic data from 2012 to 2015, two separate teams of researchers analyzed whether people's click tendencies changed with negative or positive words in headlines. In those olden days of Upworthy, a handful of headlines for a single story were tested on the website to see which one would receive the most clicks. The research teams analyzed those results and found that negative words in headlines led to more people clicking on a story (2.3% more), and positive words in headlines led to fewer clicks (1.0% fewer). They also found a preference for headlines that express sadness over those that express joy, fear or anger.

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Woman was mocked online for calling an $80 purse a 'luxury item.' Her response went viral.

"I'm so grateful that my dad was able to get me one. He worked so hard for that money.”


Zoe Gabriel, showing off her new purse from Charles & Keith

Insults of any kind are painful, but jabs towards someone’s financial status are their own breed.

In January 2023, Singapore-based Zoe Gabriel was on the receiving end of this particular flavor of mockery when she posted a TikTok about a purse from local retail brand Charles & Keith—a gift bought for her by her father.

In her excitement, the 17-year-old called the bag, which costs around $80, a “luxury” item as she unwrapped it. Her excitement was sadly cut short by some of the negative comments she received.

One comment seemed to stand out above the rest and prompted Gabriel to post an emotional response video.

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