This Cartoon Gives Explicit Instructions For How Not To Talk About A Heavy Subject

There are some bad habits out there that are pretty despicable. (Some potentially offensive language follows, FYI.)

One of those habits is focusing on the plight of a rapist in a rape case, like we saw during the infamous Steubenville rape case. The alleged rapists were defended and offered sympathy on several news outlets. Uh, how does that make any sense? This comic lays it out for all of us. Keep it as a reminder when you come across someone who needs it.

Nah, if you do this, we're actually not cool. No finger guns for you. I'mma stare you down until you recognize that you're full of B.S. and start focusing on who really matters — the survivor of the crime.

Here are your instructions. Lemme know if you still don't get it.

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This one's just a bonus for those commenters we're all tired of: