They're Living In A Disaster, So They Decided To Have A Little Fun

The Frackettes want to remind you of one important fact of life: If you stop laughing, you'll cry.

If you live near fracking, you know the debate.

On the one hand, fracking brings a (temporary) increase in jobs, jobs, jobs! Many of these communities have struggled with deep poverty for generations.

On the other hand, fracking brings a host of problems for these communities. Traffic fatalities increase as big trucks barrel down roads not designed for them. Groundwater can be contaminated by fracking chemicals or excess methane. Oh, and there's an increased possibility of earthquakes.

Some folks petition their legislators. Some folks are as difficult as possible with people coming in to drill.

Some folks turn to song, dance, and jazz hands.

These three ladies recorded a satirical take on the arguments made by politicians and industry people alike that fracking is good for communities.

Ignore the fumes, noise, and health risks, they say. As long as fracking is profitable, we'll keep doing it.

These GIFs don't do it justice. Take a moment to watch the video. Oh, and share it with someone who thinks environmentalists don't know how to have a good time.