They should probably stop looking at your dirty texts (and all the other ones too).

It's been a year since the whole world woke up to the U.S. government's massive collection of phone calls, emails, and texts of ordinary folks (and the occasional foreign dignitary too). What's the fallout? Well, for one thing, the Supreme Court ruled on June 25, 2014, to protect our cellphones from warrantless searches. It's good these guys are keeping an eye on it.

They should probably stop looking at your dirty texts (and all the other ones too).

The AmericanCivil Liberties Union filed the first lawsuit against the government's mass collection of telephone records, arguing that the governmenthas violated our basic freedoms of speech and privacy. If you need a reminderof the details, here's an interview with whistle-blowerEdward Snowden, and another with the reporter that broke the originalstory a year ago.

When the COVID-19 pandemic socially distanced the world and pushed off the 2020 Olympics, we knew the games weren't going to be the same. The fact that they're even happening this year is a miracle, but without spectators and the usual hustle and bustle surrounding the events, it definitely feels different.

But it's not just the games themselves that have changed. The coverage of the Olympics has changed as well, including the unexpected addition of un-expert, uncensored commentary from comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Snoop Dogg on NBC's Peacock.

In the topsy-turvy world we're currently living in, it's both a refreshing and hilarious addition to the Olympic lineup.

Just watch this clip of them narrating an equestrian event. (Language warning if you've got kiddos nearby. The first video is bleeped, but the others aren't.)

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