Ever glance at yourself in the mirror and think something negative?

If you said no, I kind of don't believe you.

These women walked up to a random mirror, and they walked away in a much better mood. Maybe because it started talking.

What would YOU say to a mirror that asked you how you feel when you look in it?

They stuck a futuristic mirror in the middle of a shopping mall. When women walked up to it, a question appeared in front of them:

So they answered. Woof.

But that wasn't all. Images started appearing, and voices started talking through the mirror.

Familiar voices...

Then an unfamiliar voice said, "You are beautiful, not just on the outside, but you are so much in the inside. A moment does not go by that people don't see that."


Her emotions ... AND MINE. #kleenexplease

Then the mystery mirror voice was like "YOU'RE ENOUGH! Now turn around..."

And then all the tears were shed. Because everyone who loved these women ... WERE HIDING BEHIND THE CURTAIN!

And they had flowers...

...and hugs!

Not just this lady, either. So many ladies realized they were enough.

And this is what I realized I felt like while watching:

It really stinks how many of our thoughts on images of ourselves are more negative than positive.

We live in a world that constantly pushes us to be something we're not, something better, something the media tells us we should be, it can be easy to forget how frigging awesome we actually are.

Just the way we are.

I'm gonna grab a Kleenex right quick and send this to my mom. <3