These Cute Li'l Health-Conscious Valentines Will Make You Say, 'Be Mine'

One in three women have had an abortion. So this Valentine's Day — or Singles Awareness Day, whatever floats your love boat — instead of sending out the typical roses and chocolates to our loved ones, why not show some support for, you know, personal responsibility and the right to choose instead?


Teacher of the year explains why he's leaving district in unforgettable 3-minute speech

"I'm leaving in hopes that I can regain the ability to do the job that I love."

Lee Allen

For all of our disagreements in modern American life, there are at least a few things most of us can agree on. One of those is the need for reform in public education. We don't all agree on the solutions but many of the challenges are undeniable: retaining great teachers, reducing classroom size and updating the focus of student curriculums to reflect the ever-changing needs of a globalized workforce.

And while parents, politicians and activists debate those remedies, one voice is all-too-often ignored: that of teachers themselves.

This is why a short video testimony from a teacher in the Atlanta suburb of Gwinnett County went viral recently. After all, it's hard to deny the points made by someone who was just named teacher of the year and used the occasion to announce why he will be leaving the very school district that just honored him with that distinction.

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The phone headset that wanted to change the world

What was even happening in the '90s? I'm not sure we know. Somehow everything was beige but people wore all the colors of the rainbow at the same time. Everything seemed to be in some sort of geometrical shape or pattern. Overlapping triangles, random trapezoids. It was madness I tell you, madness. But nothing encompasses the chaos of the '90s like this unearthed and unintentionally hilarious advertisement for a headset to connect to your phone.

The idea seems to be to stop consumers from holding their phones between their shoulder and head. For some reason avoiding a crick in your neck was very important. How long were those phone calls? Boy would people from the '90s be shocked if they were dropped into 2022 where people avoid phone calls at all costs. The ad isn't completely useless in our current place in the space-time continuum. It's certainly good for a much-needed raised eyebrow chuckle. You can always count on 1993 being weird, no matter how far in the future we go.

Golden retriever has cutest reaction to sister walking.

Here at Upworthy we look for stories that will make you smile and warm your heart and, let’s face it, we could all use a little help in the smile department these days. When we ran across this ridiculously sweet story on The Dodo about a golden retriever and his little human sister, we simply had to share it with you. Taco is a 3-year-old golden retriever who has been lovingly waiting for his new baby sister, Vanora, to be able to play with him, and the day has finally come.

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