There's Another Word For The 'Test' They Made Her Take. I Don't Even Want To Say It.

If you are a woman and you want to protect the peace in Indonesia, you must first undergo a virginity test.

"There were 20 candidates put inside a room where we were ordered to take off our clothes within three minutes."

"They [the medical staff] then checked different parts of our bodies."

"After the physical exam, we were told to enter another room two candidates at a time, and that's where they tested our virginity. They tested by inserting two fingers using gel. It hurt a lot. One of my friends even fainted."

Virginity testing is degrading, and it's discriminatory against women.

And besides, the two-finger test for virginity, which is used to check whether a woman's hymen is intact, is a completely discredited and unscientific practice.

If you are reading this, you likely don't live in Indonesia. So you may be saying to yourself, "What can I do to stop these things (and other bad things like this) from happening in the world?" The truth is that you can do a lot. It's your voice that creates change. A conversation with a group of friends or a simple share on your Facebook feed can educate masses of people.

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