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Work smarter not harder

January is almost over, which means that nearly half of us who’ve made New Year’s resolutions have already given up.

But those who are still crushing their goals—yay for you—it’s probably due to that fact that a) they’ve made some changes to their everyday environment or daily routine to support those goals b) they’ve found a way to infuse a bit of joy or fun into those goals, or c) some combination of the two.

For content creator and home decor enthusiast Micah Enriquez, aka @makeitwithmicah on social media, her resolutions included eating at least one salad a day.

In order to stick to the goal, Enriquez came up with a kitchen hack that others are calling “the best idea ever”: she converted her fridge into a salad bar.

In a now-viral video posted to her TikTok, Enriquez opens up the bottom drawer of her GE Cafe Fridge to reveal all kinds of salad ingredients meticulously organized into individual drawers.

Everything from the basics, like lettuce, shaved carrots, and cucumbers, to fancier items like Babybel cheese and olive tapenade existing in colorful harmony, just like you’d see at a bona fide restaurant. So so so visually satisfying.

As to the effectiveness of the idea, Enriquez confirms with Upworthy that the system has not only helped her stick to her goals, but her husband as well. Even her daughter is eating more veggies.

@makeitwithmicah Replying to @Riana Anais “We have a salad bar at home” ☺️ Ome of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat at least one salad per day, this system has really helped and my husband has taken to eating more salads as well. What other items should I to it? #fridgeorganization #fridgerestock #restock #saladbar #foodie #organizedhome #kitchenorganization ♬ original sound - kardashianshulu

Which does make sense. The fact that people are more likely to go towards food with a pleasing aesthetic is something researchers (not to mention marketers) can confirm. Plus organizing your fridge in a way that makes the healthier foods both more visible and eye-catching is a hack widely suggested by dieticians. Enriquez just took that truism and ran with it.

Enriquez’s fridge hack video quickly garnered tons of views online, along with more than a few questions.

A few wondered if any of the items dried out due to being uncovered. So far, Enriquez has had no issues.

Another person was curious as to why she chose to refrigerate certain items that tend to do best in room temperature, like tomatoes and avocados.

For Enriquez, the reason was simple. “They stay longer for me.” Fair enough.

One commenter asked: “How long does your salad and other leaves stay fresh and not wilt?”

Enriquez responded “Usually 7-10 days but we finish it by then,” indicating nothing got wasted.
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Any way you can fit a salad into your day is a win.


One last concern was the price of so much produce, with one viewer writing “That looks like my grocery bill in just one drawer — I need to win the lottery,” to which Enriquez assured “Trader Joe’s has the best prices on organic produce.”

And of course, many just chimed in to say what a brilliant health hack it was.

Though Enriquez’s fridge does have that handy pull out drawer, The Spruce Eats has a few tips that can help give any fridge the salad bar treatment, including:

  • Clearing out space—duh
  • Getting stackable, clear containers
  • Prepping/storing veggies and greens properly so that they last longer—covering moustier retaining leaves with a paper towel, for instance
  • Including a treat ingredient—for me, it’s usually Fritos. Not a fridge item, but the perfect salad treat

It’s amazing how little tweaks like these can make such a big difference in the long run, all while giving us a mood boost. Happy eating, everyone!