5 easy ways to practice self care

Because taking care of yourself should never feel like a chore

5 easy ways to practice self care

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life we forget the important things: like taking care of ourselves. While binge watching your favorite show and ordering take out can be just the treat-yourself-thing you need, your body might not always feel the same. So we’re bringing you 5 easy ways to practice self-care that both you and your body will thank us for.

1. Stay hydrated – This may seem like an easy one, but it’s hard! Getting enough water is critical to the way your body functions and can also help improve your sleep quality, daily thinking, and mood. If you’re like the rest of us and just cannot get through your recommended 16 cups of water a day, then consider a hydration boost with Hydrant packets. These flavored electrolyte packets are pourable, packable and practical. Add them into your daily routine and stay easily hydrated all day long. Hydrant’s system of hydration is proven, effective and it takes all the guess work out of guzzling glasses of water all day long. It’s a small, easy way to give yourself the big win of being properly hydrated everyday.

2. Take Care of a Something – Sometimes taking care of yourself means taking care of others. No we’re not suggesting you start a family of four or take on a high-maintenance fur-baby that only eats designer pet food. But maybe a plant buddy is just what you need. House plants can boost your mood, reduce fatigue, lower anxiety and improve focus. The Sill offers happy, healthy plants in chic, modern planters that are easy to care for and bring a little life, into your life. If you’ve already got your own home jungle growing, consider re-potting your plants for an updated look and improved growing environment. And if you’re not quite ready to commit to taking care of a living, breathing thing they also have faux-plants that can give you just a taste of greenery and a spacial refresh.

3. Chill the F Out – Literally... and also literally. Sometimes the best thing you can do for self-care is take a load off, but that doesn’t always mean more screen time and endless social scrolling. Consider taking a long walk or a hot bath. If you need a little extra boost the Apothèkary Chill the F Out herb blend might be just the ticket. With a peppermint hot chocolate flavor profile this blend helps reduce inflammation, decrease stress and increase digestive support. Reishi mushrooms, also known as The Queen Healer, have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and Ashwagandha is a popular root adaptogens, primarily used for stress relief and fighting adrenal fatigue. Mix it with water or nut milk for a drink that tastes like as big of a treat as it is!

4. Refresh – Again... not your social media feed. And yes, we know what you're thinking, but it really isn't as hard as you think! Treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Use all the products, hydrate that skin, lather on a hair mask, kick your feet up and let yourself unwind! Maya Chia has some amazing all natural products like their wonder balm and revitalizing body oil that are sure to give you that transformative, spa-like refresh that you so deserve!

5. Eat Something Amazing – Not just for your taste buds, but for you entire body. Eating a healthy, hearty, satisfying meal is one of the best forms of self care, because you not only nourish your body, but you enjoy doing so! We get it, not all of us are MasterChefs and take out from health-food cafés doesn't always leave you satiated. That's why Fresh N Lean offers affordable, healthy meal solutions, for whatever your diet may be. You can order a meal plan or something a la carté, like their chimichurri chicken sausage with roasted yukon potatoes, or herb salmon with a sun-dried tomato aioli and brown rice. They also have vegan options, breakfasts and over 100 meals each week! Treat yourself to a great meal that will leave you feeling even better afterwards. And now with Fresh N' Lean, doing so has never been easier!

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