We all know that kids listen to YouTubers far more readily than they listen to their parents. (At least that's how it feels sometimes.)

Some YouTubers are actually really awesome, though. Mark Rober, for example, shares super interesting educational videos that my 11-year-old son adores.

Rober just released a video on coronavirus that's informative without being too scary—and that actually had my son catching himself touching his own face and counting to 20 when he washes his hands. It's like a freaking miracle. Seriously.

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Jeff Richards

One of the ways to test the durability of a romantic relationship is to move in together, but if you really want to live on the edge? Move in together amid a pandemic.

When Jeff Richards and his boyfriend, Alex, made the decision to move into a new apartment together, they had no idea that their city of Boston would go into lockdown just a few days later. During their quest to find the perfect place, they'd considered getting a one-bedroom but ended up picking the two-bedroom option—a decision Jeff says the couple is thankful for each day. Alex, a lawyer who is now working from home for the foreseeable future, converted the second bedroom into an office.

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