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Kitten pushes sibling out of the way when potential adopter comes by

This is possibly the cutest sibling rivalry on the internet.

Kitten pushes sibling out of sight when potential adopter comes by.

Adopting an animal is almost always an adventure. Looking around a pet store or animal shelter, trying to see whose personality speaks to you the most, is one of the most serotonin-releasing things animal lovers can do. Catching kittens taking cat naps or watching chubby little puppies roll all over each other can make just about anyone smile.

One potential adopter was at an adoption site, not just for the happy feels but to pick out a new kitten, and she saw one with a lot of personality peeking out from the window in the door. This sweet kitty was looking right at the woman with its furry little paws on the door in order to boost itself to get a better look.

But when the woman started talking to the curious face looking back at her, another kitten appeared and wanted this stranger's attention, too. Except...the first kitten was not at all interested in sharing the nice lady's undivided attention. Nope. No, ma'am. No, sir. No how. It was not having it. Apparently, even kittens can experience sibling rivalry, except it's far cuter and much less annoying (at least to the owners).

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Roman Duncan and his mom, with Maggie the foster pup.

Puppies are cute, rambunctious and have a way of worming themselves into your heart, and that’s exactly what happened to Roman Duncan when his family fostered a sweet pit bull mix named Maggie. Roman’s mom stepped up to foster Maggie and get her accustomed to what family life would be like. Being a puppy is hard—it requires learning all the rules that you’re not familiar with and a patient human to teach them to you.

The Duncan family helped Maggie learn the ropes of puppy life to prepare her for her new post-rescue family. The Duncans live in Louisiana and the rescue shelter, North Shore Animal League America, is in Port Washington, New York, which meant Roman’s new cuddle buddy would have to be transported a long way. Six-year-old Roman wanted to do what he could to make sure his best friend was adopted, so he devised a plan. He decided to write letters to Maggie’s potential adopters to let them know that she’s the goodest of girls.

Maggie sleeping.Photo Credit: North Shore Animal League America

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Homeless animals are a major problem all over the world.

In the U.S., our shelters are jam-packed with millions of cats, dogs, and other furry friends in desperate need of a home. Sadly, far too many of them never find one.

But in recent years, a powerful slogan has caught on in a major way: "Adopt, don't shop."

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