Something great happened when a group put $40 on a bulletin board in a crowded L.A. train station.

Some people were surprised. Some got emotional. Many were thrilled.

If you were walking through a busy train station and saw a bulletin board full of dollar bills, what would you do?

A group in L.A. recently set out to answer that question.

They tacked $40 onto a bulletin board in Los Angeles' Union Station with a simple message:

Images by The Toolbox.

"The idea came out of a conversation with a few friends on generosity and how people, in general, want to help others," project co-creator Tyler Bridges told Upworthy.

The board worked like a charm.

The people who needed money took money.

The people who had money to give gave it.

And the last dollar stayed up on the board for 20 minutes.

"More people definitely gave — it was just in smaller amounts," Bridges said. "Then on the taking side, we had a few people that took in large amounts."

According to Bridges, the project sent a clear message.

"Everyone has had good days and bad days. Sometimes you need a helping hand — and sometimes you can be the one giving a helping hand," Bridges said. "So don't be afraid to share the love. Help someone else out."

"Because you never know how far a little action can go, or when you will need help yourself."

You can watch the video here:

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