Stella Artois

We're running out of fresh water.

I know, I know. Your long, hot shower this morning may make you think otherwise. But trust me. In many places, we — as in humans — just don't have enough. In fact, lots of folks aren't fortunate enough to get even close to that luxury.

For example...


The struggle to get fresh water may not affect some of us personally, but it's still important for us to think about. Why?

The global common good.

And while not wasting water is always a good thing (maybe you can cut that long hot shower down a bit), individual actions aren't really the big solution here.

We need to think about how we as a society "value water."

After watching this video, do you think water is a...

  1. Economic commodity?
  2. Human right?
  3. Public good?
  4. Some combination of the above?

Hopefully, it's a combination of 2 and 3. And it's going to take some hard work to get society to think that way.

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