She Did Everything She Was Supposed To Do. The Least These Cops Could Do Is Show Some Sympathy.

Most of the time, the Internet is a magical place where you can react with .gifs and a cat named Maru is a local hero. However, some of the time, the Internet is also a sad place where angry fans go to bash the wives of popular antihero TV characters for getting in the way of their husbands doing terrible things. If you know anyone who refuses to see the plot from the perspective of these women and insists that they're naggy, ungrateful buzzkills no matter how horrible their husbands are, you might want to consider removing that person from your life. Or at least make them watch this.

The sad thing is, while this is a parody, a lot of real women in abusive relationships receive similar reactions when they try to seek help. The way we talk about TV characters can reveal a lot about our society and subconscious belief systems. So next time you hear someone hating on a TV wife for being a complex and fully realized character who has personal motivations that might conflict with or stand in the way of her antihero husband achieving his goals, stand up for her. Because it does matter.