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Quick meals for when you just can't adult.

Adulting is just plain hard sometimes and quite honestly it's a little excessive to be expected to wake up and be an adult every day. Who thought this up? Because I'd like to speak to the manager. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way and all I had to do was mosey on over to Reddit to find a great thread full of people who agree that adulting should be optional, at least when it comes to cooking. A Reddit user, likely looking for new super easy food ideas, asked the question, "What is your go-to 'I don't want to cook meal?'"

Not going to lie, the comments were the chef's kiss of lazy meals that should be in everyone's back pocket because I simply refuse to believe that even the adultiest adult doesn't have days where they're just over it. If you're looking for recipes, you'll probably have to use the old Google, but if you're looking for something quick to throw together that gives your stomach the cue to stop yelling at you, write these down. But fair warning, these meals are not for people that believe they're too good for ramen noodles or paper plates.

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The "throw some sh*t in a tortilla" comment had many variations. The comment thread is like if Forrest Gump were telling you all about the random things you could throw in a tortilla and shove into your face-hole. Tortillas with chicken patties. Tortillas with leftover beef and broccoli noodles. Tortillas with spinach and cheese. Tortillas filled with rotisserie chicken and a bag of salad. If you have tortillas, the possibilities are endless. Run out of bread, put your kid's PB&J on a tortilla, roll that son-of-a-gun up then slice it and bam, you've got PB&J spirals that make you look like you have your life together.

If you've got tomato soup, gnocchi and spinach you're in for a tasty fast dinner, and this commenter says it only takes a mere six to eight minutes before it's ready to eat. I mean, you could serve this meal to guests and they'd think you were one of the fancy ones, not knowing you haven't just gone to the grocery store so you just used what was at your disposal.

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Keeping with the soupy situation, a couple of chili enthusiasts had a recipe so easy an elementary student could do it. It's rather complicated so you may want to make yourself a voice memo on this one. According to the first commenter, what you'll need is a can of chili warmed up and a box of mac and cheese. Easy Mac if you're trying to make it even easier. Throw them in a pot together and stir. The second chili commenter's recipe is even more complicated. Grab yourself a can of chili, sprinkle some cheese on top and warm it up before dipping tortilla chips and eating until your belly tells you to stop.

Did you think the chili saga was over? Nope. Someone else slid in right at the buzzer to say heating up a 90-second bag of Uncle Ben's rice and topping it with chili is a must-try for a lazy day. Of course, there are always the tried and true with sandwiches, pizza or a nostalgic can of SpaghettiOs, but not everyone wants these quick fixes and they get old fast. Help some folks out who just want to give up on adulting today and tell people what your go-to too lazy to cook meal is.

This article originally appeared on 04.15.19

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