Would you put mayo in coffee? The very idea is sparking a hilarious debate on the internet

Mayo in your coffee – a revelation or a very, very bad idea?

Few condiments spark such divided debates as mayonnaise. It's hard to find someone who is ambivalent about it. You either detest the stuff and want to vom at the mere mention of its name, or you love it so much you'd like to dump it into everything.

Even your coffee.

That's right, you heard me. Hellmann's Mayonnaise sent Twitter into an uproar after posting a simple tweet, saying "Mayo in your coffee. That's it, that's the tweet."

The company actually double downed on its argument.

Where did all of this come from? As with any bizarre culinary trend, it all started with TikTok, after a video of University of Kentucky quarterback Will Levis, @w.lev, putting mayo in his coffee went viral.


I have a very sophisticated pallet. @omgiaaa #fyp #TakeTheDayOffChallenge #BenefitOfBrows

The quarterback has chosen to make a public statement regarding the matter:

Other than that, he will not be taking questions at this time.

Previously, Hellmann's had posted some other out-of-the-box suggestions for mayo, which didn't cause nearly such a stir. Like its hopeful plea to try mayo on a grilled cheese sandwich. That errs on the side of normal, right?

After all, sandwiches are known mayo territory. But this … this is different. Sure, we all might have sipped a buttered coffee or two, but are we ready to take it to the next level?

For many a horrified Twitterer, the answer was a resounding NO.

It really only got more reactive from there. People were quite triggered, emotionally speaking.

Even Dionne Warwick felt compelled to take a stand, saying, "They want us to put mayonnaise in our coffee. I won't tolerate it." Hellmann's, don't you realize, this is now a social justice movement?

Some professed their once love and loyalty to the brand, but cited that this was just too much for them. They abandoned the cause. So much for maintaining engagement.

Others chose to go the more objective route and provided scientific evidence as to why this was a very, very, very bad idea.

In the name of fairness, there were others that were definitely Team Caffeinated Mayo, who came to rally.

Their main argument? Well, ya know, mayo can come in handy when you're out of creamer. I guess for some, the concept of black coffee is just beyond comprehension.

At this point things just started going off the rails. By the end, people were really doing some mental gymnastics to make Hellman's idea work in the real world.

Some people were just altogether confused on where to put their mayo.

It could be worse. Hellmann's could have suggested a banana and mayonnaise sandwich. Oh, did you not know that was a thing? There are plenty of other super weird and sure to be gross recipes you can create featuring mayo. You're welcome.

Coffee is a beloved beverage. It makes mornings, work, life just a little more … tolerable. It's no wonder people want to protect it. I for one am glad to know that just when I think there can't possibly be a new coffee trend to try, the internet provides.

Just think of the day someone says to add a dash of ketchup. Oh the chaos…


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