I've Often Wondered How I Can Personally Help Homeless People. I Just Found A Great Idea.

Homelessness is a very real problem. Solving it requires a lot more than just what you or I can do on our own. But that doesn't mean we can't help individual people. I really loved this idea and am going to make a few of these myself. Watch the first video to see what an impact a little bit of your time, $20, and a heart for our fellow human beings can have. And then watch the second to learn exactly how you can help people who don't have a home. These packs are easy to put together and will make a difference.

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via Scott Challeen / Twitter and DC Sports Experience / Instagram

In a move that was a long time coming, the Washington Redskins announced that after 87 years the team is finally ditching its culturally offensive name.

"Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo upon completion of this review," the team said in a statement Monday.

"That review has begun in earnest," it said. "As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking as we go forward."

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