I've been waiting to hear a message like this from an elected official since my kids were little.

You might have heard about President Obama's address during the Grammys. But here's another recent message from him that should make women take notice.

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Did you know that in many places, child care costs more than college tuition per year? The purple bars below are child care costs; the red ones are public university tuition costs. In every case listed, that purple bar — wouldn't you know it — is bigger than the red. It's the worst in Washington, D.C.

When we think about all the ways Americans are often held back from achieving even a middle-class lifestyle, these are the things that get in the way: child care costs and minimal pay. Add the fact that those two factors can disproportionately affect women, and it means we're creating a system where women aren't encouraged to thrive in fact, if they do thrive, it's in spite of the conditions around them. What kind of beautiful things could happen if we created a community where conditions were set up to help people succeed instead of fail?