I'm Pretty Sure This Video Of A Kid Freaking Out Is Going To Save Me From Dying Of Cancer

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the United States. Pancreatic cancer is almost always fatal, because by the time you show symptoms, it's already too late. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer, a few months after she was diagnosed. My father also died of pancreatic cancer a few months after he was diagnosed. I assumed, thanks to those genetics, that I too would someday die of pancreatic cancer, a few months after I inevitably am diagnosed. My assumption is no longer valid, thanks to the giant brain on this 15-year-old kid. Thanks Jack. I owe you a billion.

Watch this all the way through, then do me a favor. This short is in the semifinals of the Focus Forward Filmmaker Challenge. The winner gets $200,000. When it ends, a little vote button will appear. Vote for it so it can win. And I can get a damn cancer test. And then share this.

UPDATE: He made it into the top 10! Voting is now over, it's in the judges hands now. Just share this so everyone, including the judges will see how popular and important it is.