'I'm Not Saying She Deserved To Be Raped, BUT' Is Possibly The Worst Way To Begin A Sentence. Ever.

I had to watch this more than a few times to make sure I actually heard what I thought I heard. Sadly, I did. I went to law school, so I tried really, really hard to put my attorney hat on and understand where this guy was coming from. But I couldn't. New rule: If you start a sentence with "I'm not saying that she deserved to be raped, but..." like this lawyer does when referring to a 14-year-old who says she was raped, you'd better have a good ending to that sentence. Watch all the way to 2:56, where Fox News' Shepard Smith finally says what I'm thinking, but with nicer, more adult words.

I know the focus is justifiably going to be on the incredibly dumb things this guy says, but as wildly speculative as his commentary is, it's important to remember that his attitude of victim-blaming and character assassination is sadly too common when we talk about rape with each other and in the media.

I do not accept this sort of idiocy. My daughter, my son, and all of humanity deserve better.