All Right Parents, Let's Just Acknowledge That We're All Doing Our Best Already

Breast-feed, bottle feed. Homeschool, public school. Stay at home, continue your career. Have a family while you're in your early 20s, wait until you're 40. If I see one more article criticizing moms for their choices, I might scream. Or weep. Actually, I'll probably just roll my eyes. But how about this: we all agree that we're doing the best we can, no two moms are the same, what we do for our family might not work for another family, and, oh yeah, nobody's "right." Or everybody's "right." Either one. I want to make the best choices I can for my kids, and I also want to do my best to avoid making other moms feel like they're making bad choices just because they're not the same choices. Who else is in?