I Hope You're As Angry As I Am About What She Says At 0:31

This woman is so darn fearless. Sadly, as she points out, her word's not going to be taken seriously. All just because of what she did for a living. But I hope you will put your gut impulse to judge aside and listen to her.

This is Gabriela Leite, a Brazilian woman who died in October 2013. She was a daughter. She was a mother. She was a cancer victim. She was an activist. But above all, Gabriela Leite was a prostitute activist. She had sex for money, and she loved it. She worked to improve the rights of sex workers in Brazil and across the world. And in 2010, she even ran for office! Now that's gutsy.

While there's still work to be done — wayyy too many people won't listen to someone just because she has had sex for money! — Gabriela did a ton of good stuff for her fellow working women (and men). Her memory deserves to live on. I am sad I never got to meet this heroine.