Depression. How do you describe it to someone who's never had it?

Slam poet Dan Roman came up with a really apt metaphor to explain the mental illness. He also delivered it in a pretty darn moving way.

I'll break it down for you in his words and then show you the full spoken word piece he performed, as filmed by Button Poetry.

Images via Pixabay and Button Poetry.

Want to hear Dan Roman's full poem? Look no further than here.

People who suffer from depression still face a lot of stigma. We need to change that.

If you've ever suffered from depression or known loved ones who have, you know how many people will dismiss their condition and respond with "You need to try harder" or "Snap out of it." But that reaction misses the mark. Depression is not a character flaw. It is a medical condition.

We need a world that can provide people suffering from depression with the empathy and emotional support they need.

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