There are certain moments in life that determine who you want to be. This was definitely one of those moments for Maurice Rowland and Miguel Alvarez.

Rowland was working as a cook and Alvarez as a janitor at an assisted living facility when suddenly they found out that the facility was going to close.

There were about 16 residents left at the home with nowhere to go and nobody to take care of them. Some of them had dementia.

The two men, who have been friends since middle school, decided they couldn't abandon the residents who were left behind.

So they stepped up and started to care for the people. Because it was the humane thing to do. Because it was the right thing to do. And because they cared.

"Even though they wasn't our family. The were kind of like our family for this short period of time," Rowland said.

To learn more about why the pair made the choice they did, watch this video:

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