History Books Take Note, Economics Is Definitely Not A Boys Club Anymore

Janet Yellen is the first woman ever to be nominated to lead the Federal Reserve, arguably the most powerful economic job in the United States. Her nomination marks a rising tide of strong women in economic policy, from Senator Elizabeth Warren to White House Office of Management and Budget Director Sylvia Matthew Burwell. What's even more exciting are the skills these women bring to the table. As Janet Yellen says at the beginning of the video, "these are not just statistics to me."

The video didn't mention this, but according to a (fairly sexist) law, her official title will be "Chairman of the Federal Reserve." Can't we get some gender-neutral titles up in here? So let me ask you — what would you want to be called? Chair? Chairperson? Chairwoman? Chairwomyn? Tweet me your thoughts @Ari_Be_Free!

Update: And we have our answer — she would like to be called Chair Janet Yellen (via the Huffington Post).

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