Her mom refused to be seen in public with her. But now they're best friends.

It takes a lot of courage for someone with this kind of journey to open up, take off all of their clothes, and share their truth.

For Zoe Dolan, peeling off a few extra layers is for a good reason.

It's all in the name of style.

But not the type that's linked to a couture designer. It's a style that can't be bought because it's attached to one's self.

I'm talking about self-acceptance.

Now that's fantastic.

Transgender lawyer Zoe Dolan boldly stripped down to talk about her personal transition for The What's Underneath Project, which believes that "true style is self-acceptance."

Zoe's story may be one that's marked by addiction, sexual assault, and a ton of rejection — from both her family and 98% of the dudes she dated — but it's also one that's made her stronger, more passionate, and incredibly self-aware.

After the first few seconds in, I couldn't stop watching.

Wow ... what an incredible journey. Zoe sums it up best:

Hand claps and snaps for Zoe all around.

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