Free Range? Organic? Fair Trade? All Good Questions, But Here's One That Will Blow You Away.

This teaser for the documentary "Food Chains" shows us what happens behind the scenes when our food is grown, picked, and sent to market ... and some of it is not pretty. So why do we let this go on?


It stars Eva Longoria (executive producer), Dolores Huerta, Eric Schlosser, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and more.

For some people, every day is Independence Day. For Janis Shinwari, this will be his first 4th of July as an American citizen. And boy, he earned it.

"If I was in Afghanistan—if I didn't come here, I wouldn't be alive now. I would be dead." Shinwari told CNN Heroes in 2018. Shinwari risked his life for nine years serving as a translator for U.S. forces in his native country of Afghanistan. He risked his life everyday knowing that should he be caught by the Taliban, the consequences would be severe. "If the Taliban catch you, they will torture you in front of your kids and families and make a film of you." Shinwari said. "Then [they'll] send it to other translators as a warning message to stop working with the American forces."

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