Feminist Women Care About Men. This Cartoon Proves It.

The Big Finish of this cartoon is an is an explanation of why it's OK that some women sometimes say "I hate men!"Harsh, right? Well...After reading this cartoon, I'm thinking harder about what "men" really *really* means, and how the idea of "being a man" might even be annoying to those who identify as male. I *still* don't think anyone should be screaming hate in any direction ... but I understand the deal a little better now. Understanding — it's what's for dinner. After you read your cartoons!

Just to set this up: Turns out (those who identify as) boys have just as many expectations of conformity thrown at them as ladies. Anyone who has all sorts of external cues thrown in their face (aka not just cis-boys or cis-girls but all humans) might find it a little harder to be internally chill, OK?

Then everyone's trying to live up to a thing (being a good man, etc...) that's not even real! Here's a question to ponder: Why is society all into making good men and not just good humans?! I don't know the answer.

This is my favorite part. I *love* looking behind someone's angry words to really understand why they're saying them.