Don't get too excited, but war? We might be done with all that.

Is war over? The answer is "maybe," but it's looking pretty good.

Yes, there are plenty of terrible things happening in the world today, but this interesting video suggests that plenty of evidence is showing that it's not unreasonable to believe that war may indeed be over.

Part of this thinking comes from the fact that while the global population is at an all-time high, we're actually living in the most peaceful time in human history. Up until World War I, war was perceived as one of those "inevitable" parts of the human experience. But times have changed.

Consider the following truths:

  • Colonialism is almost completely over
  • Nation states have pretty much stopped attacking each other
  • Civil wars are being resolved in an increasingly peaceful manner
  • Borders are mostly fixed, leading to a decline in global land conflicts

Is war "so 20th Century," as this video claims? We don't know quite yet, but it's actually not that crazy of a thing to hope for. We'll find out soon. Supposedly, the next 75 years will determine if this peaceful trend is likely to continue.

Check out the video and see what you think.

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