Did Fox News Just Punk The Romney Campaign?

The Romney/Ryan tax plan has been drawing quite a bit of scrutiny after several critics, citing a recent Tax Policy Center study, declared its proposed implementation to be mathematically impossible. If this surprisingly thorough interview of Senior Romney advisor Ed Gillespie by Fox News' Chris Wallace is any indication, Romney's tax math is starting to raise eyebrows and blood pressures on both sides of the aisle.  

Did Fox News Just Punk The Romney Campaign?
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Seven years ago, Bill Murray shared a powerful story about the importance of art. The revelation came during a discussion at the National Gallery in London for the release of 2014's "The Monuments Men." The film is about a troop of soldiers on a mission to recover art stolen by the Nazis.

After his first time performing on stage in Chicago, Murray was so upset with himself that he contemplated taking his own life.

"I wasn't very good, and I remember my first experience, I was so bad I just walked out — out onto the street and just started walking," he said.

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