Cops Thought The Black Teen Had A Rocket Launcher. So Neil Taught Them All A Lesson.

The story of Neil deGrasse Tyson starts a a few billion years ago, but don't worry — this animated look at the life of the world's most famous cosmologist only lasts a a few minutes. But you'll wish it were longer.

The story of Neil deGrasse Tyson begins, like most other stories of heroes, with people just not *getting it.*

When he first began the adventure that would lead him to be an astrophysicist, folks said:

"Astronomers look like this*...


...they don't look like this**!"


But his parents had seen his curiosity and had given him a telescope.

And there was no going back.

But even though his parents understood him, police didn't like the looks of an astronomer *who looked like Neil* on top of a roof with ... THAT.

"Hands up! That looks like a rocket launcher!"

But lucky for US ALL, those policemen gave things a closer look.

They looked closer at Neil, and in so doing, looked closer at ~*~The Cosmos.~*~

And instead of the worst outcome coming from policemen facing a young black kid who *appears* threatening, they looked closer and fell in love with science just a little bit on that night.

Powerful stuff.

Yeah. More science and emotion and hope below. Press "Play" if you're into that kinda thing. :)