Celebrate sober: the best non-alcoholic bubbly for the holidays, New Years, and beyond

Boisson offers the finest selection of alcohol-free sparkling wines

Celebrate sober: the best non-alcoholic bubbly for the holidays, New Years, and beyond

Celebrations are evolving, and so are our choices in beverages. Boisson is at the forefront of this change, offering a superb selection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

Whether you're toasting the holidays, ringing in the New Year, or marking any special occasion, Boisson's curated collection ensures your glass is always filled with elegance and joy—minus the alcohol. Get ready to clink glasses filled with bubbly delights that keep the spirit high and the spirits out!

Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay: Elegance Without the Alcohol

Who says elegance can't be eco-friendly? Thomson & Scott’s Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay is a toast to sustainability and sophistication. Crafted from organic grapes in Spain's sandy vineyards, this bubbly beverage is as kind to the planet as it is to your palate. Its stainless steel fermentation and vacuum distillation process preserve the Chardonnay's rich, classic flavors—making it an irresistible choice for any occasion.

Light and delicately carbonated, it pairs perfectly with a range of hors d'oeuvres and buttery dishes. Indulge in guilt-free luxury with every sip of this sustainably sourced, alcohol-free delight.

French Bloom Le Rosé: A Pink Delight for Every Occasion

French Bloom's Le Rosé is more than just a pretty face. Sourced from certified organic vineyards in the South of France, it's a celebration of sustainability, health, and inclusivity. With its low sugar content and Halal certification, this sparkling rosé caters to various lifestyles and dietary choices.

Its elegant pink hue and refreshing taste make it the perfect partner for a range of dishes, from the rich flavors of foie gras to the lightness of cheesecake. Serve it chilled in a flute to add a touch of luxury to any gathering. Here's to toasting life's moments with a drink that's as delightful as it is conscientious!

French Bloom Le Blanc: Chic and Ceremonial

French Bloom Le Blanc symbolizes elegance and versatility and brings a ceremonial flair to any occasion. Made from the finest organic Chardonnay grapes, this sparkling white celebrates nature's purity, featuring a low sugar profile that dances gracefully on the palate. Its taste—a harmonious blend of orchard fruit with a hint of spice—is enlivened by a subtle mineral acidity.

Whether served traditionally in a chilled flute or with a modern twist over ice garnished with lime, Le Blanc promises a chic, adaptable experience for your taste buds. Here's to sophistication in every sip, naturally.

Wölffer Estate Spring In A Bottle: A Hamptons Summer in Every Sip

Imagine capturing the essence of a Hamptons summer in a glass. Wölffer Estate's Spring In A Bottledoes just that. This non-alcoholic rosé, crafted in the heart of the Hamptons, blends the unique flavors of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Saint Laurent, and Dornfelder grapes.

Each sip offers a crisp, sophisticated taste, embodying the perfect balance of elegance and playfulness. It's versatile enough for a poolside refreshment or a chic dinner party. Pair it with everything from spicy Asian cuisine to a simple salad, and let each glass transport you to a sun-kissed seaside getaway.

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling: A German Masterpiece

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling is a testament to German winemaking excellence. This non-alcoholic white wine is crafted through a meticulous process, where the finest Riesling grapes undergo fermentation and then gentle vacuum distillation, preserving their natural, wine-like characteristics.

The result? A symphony of flavors with orange citrus, rhubarb, and a hint of tarragon, balanced by a pleasant minerality and a crisp, semi-long finish. This sparkling Riesling is an ideal apéritif or a companion to light, fresh dishes like mussels or truffle-infused pasta. Indulge in the sophistication of German craftsmanship, sip by sparkling sip.

Celebrate the Moments with Boisson’s Non-Alcoholic Elegance

Boisson's exquisite range of non-alcoholic sparkling wines promises elegance in every bottle. From the sustainable sophistication of Thomson & Scott Noughty Chardonnay to the vibrant French Bloom Le Rosé and Le Blanc, each offers a unique tasting experience. Wölffer Estate's Spring In A Bottle brings a touch of Hamptons luxury, while Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling showcases German winemaking at its finest.

This holiday season and beyond, choose Boisson for celebrations that sparkle with style, flavor, and a commitment to sober elegance. Raise your glass to memorable moments crafted by Boisson, and click here to learn more.

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