A Twitter misogynist called feminists 'unhappy' and got burnt to a crisp in his responses

via Renegade Sailor / Twitter

There are a lot of stereotypes about feminists that work to undermine their basic belief that they want the genders to be treated equally.

Feminists hate men.

Feminists are angry.

Feminists hate marriage.

Feminists don't want children.

Feminists are lesbians.

Feminists want to destroy the nuclear family.

The list goes on and on.

It's a very bizarre double-standard that some men actually believe they are being discriminated against by feminists when, in reality, all feminists want is to do end sexism.

One of the major stereotypes lobbed at feminist women is that they are angry. As if they started off mad and then chose a political cause as an excuse to vent. Also, what's is wrong with being angry about discrimination? Shouldn't it bother all of us?

A Twitter user by the name of Renegade Sailor attempted to get back at all those evil feminists out there by saying they are unhappy people.

What point is he trying to make? That when women stand up for themselves (and men stand up for women) they suffer inside?

Is he trying to say that they are unhappy because they are wrong?

Is he saying they are unhappy because they [see the list of stereotypes listed above].

A writer named James Fell, who sarcastically refers to himself as a "Virtue-signalling social justice warrior," had the perfect response to Renegade Sailor's tweet.

Fell's response was so on the nose that it went viral on Murdered By Words, a Reddit sub forum that highlights "well-constructed put-downs, comebacks, and counter-arguments."

Here are some of the responses.

The folks on Twitter had some great comebacks as well.

And then someone dropped this ...

Renegade Sailor's final words on the subject weren't the most nuanced.