A condom fundraising video that has it all: unicorns, two goofy German guys, and hilarious visuals.

Two guys decided it is time for the world to have better condoms. Furthermore, because no current board exists to certify the sustainability claims of rubber plantations, they decided they should probably go ahead and start that up, too. That way, not only will they feel good about the high-quality condoms they're bringing to market, but they can sleep well at night knowing they're not greenwashing or hoodwinking you.

Though sleeping well will probably be difficult in those masks and unicorn onesies.

BONUS FOOTAGE: Have you ever seen how condoms become those neat little rolled-up versions of themselves in the package? Watch and you'll see. That is literally someone's job. Every day.

You also need to see what this outtake is from. HI-LARIOUS!


<span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>

PSST! If subtitles aren't showing, use the gear on the video to turn them on. ▲▲

This article originally appeared on 01.12.18

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