6 tweets that prove there is no debate in the vaccine debate.

Is America gonna be the land of the free and the home of the measles? How about no.

6 tweets that prove there is no debate in the vaccine debate.
All 7 Billion

So, the discussion about vaccines has been going reeeeally strongly lately after a measles outbreak turned "The Happiest Place on Earth" (Disneyland) into headline news. Back in the day, measles pretty much didn't exist in the United States because of the measles vaccine. But now it's back. Why? Because people are refusing to vaccinate.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? WHY is that a question?

Good question.

Questions are good.

Here are some answers from some very different sources.

A grandma:

A Republican:


A map:

A mom:

A celebrity:

A dead guy:

Thomas Jefferson wrote this to Dr. Edward Jenner, aka the man who invented vaccines. He basically told him that he had changed the world and therefore become an immortal force for good in the world. This coming from the guy who kinda invented American democracy (another thing we like!).

... and they all agree: #vaccineswork.

Sometimes there aren't two sides. There's just what works.

And for a deeper, scientific dive into the history of vaccines and WHY they work, may I suggest this amazing fact-checked video? Have at it.

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