3 Different Men, Holding 3 Different Objects, Had 1 Suspicious Thing In Common

I live in New York City, and I happen to be a black man as well. I was coming out of the subway the other day when I spied two cops (both white) hanging around the exit. This is a semi-usual thing in the city — I believe they patrol stations randomly from time to time. But they both looked at me when I got out, and I immediately thought, "Well, this is when it happens to me. This is when I get stopped and frisked." So, I looked at one of them with a "Me, right?" kind of expression, and the officer gave me a bemused look as if to say "No, you don't look suspicious. Keep on walking." And then I realized I didn't look suspicious because I was coming back from a date, and was dressed nicely. Ending the lives of men that look very similar to me is something I contend with every day. And with the recent death of Vonderrick Meyers, who was shot 17 times and was allegedly only holding a sandwich, we'll hear things from both sides ... but if the cop was wearing one of the following, there would be no question as to what happened.

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