16 Super Useful Lessons That Got Drilled Into My Skull Because Of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

Most of these make sense even for folks who never saw "Buffy." But it may end up making you run to Netflix for a good ol' fashioned binge session!

1. If it turns out you're gay, it's no Big.

2. Everyone carries pain. Check out of your own head once in a while and help others instead.

3. Sometimes you have to assert yourself. Unmistakably.

4. A woman can kick ass all by herself.

5. But it's also OK if you need your friends' help sometimes.

6. We all have something unique to offer the team.

7. Fast food workers deserve a pay raise.

8. Womyn are getting real tired of your sh*t, misogynists.

9. Addiction is scary, dangerous, and hurtful to everyone involved.

10. Being a mom doesn't mean you're not a person, too.

11. There is almost nothing that can't be made into a song and dance.

12. Getting down with yourself is OK and, yes, normal. Way more normal than vlogging from the toilet.

13. During the most hopeless of circumstances, having faith in yourself can change your outcome.

14. Every so often, a person who is trying too hard to be the next Big Bad can find redemption and make themselves useful to the world.

15. Sharing your power with others is way more badass than hoarding it for yourself.

16. And not everybody gets to be "special." Some are meant for something else.

This week, a Supreme Court ruling has acknowledged that, at least for the sake of federal criminal prosecutions, most of the eastern half of Oklahoma belongs to the Muscogee (Creek) Indian Tribe. The ruling enforces treaties made in the 19th century, despite objections from state and federal governments, and upholds the sovereignty of the Muscogee to prosecute crimes committed by tribe members within their own lands.

The U.S. government has a long and storied history of breaking treaties with Native American tribes, and Indigenous communities have suffered greatly because of those broken promises.

Stacy Leeds, a former Cherokee Nation Supreme Court justice and former special district court judge for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, described the ruling in an article on Slate:

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