Why Are The Bombs In Gaza Killing So Many People?

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This view puts a distant war in closer perspective. Gaza has 1.8 million people living in only 139 square miles. That's a lot of people in a small area, so when bombs fall, they make a big impact. To get a sense of what the area containing 1.8 million people looks like in your city (in the shape of the Gaza Strip), check out these nine maps. Only one city has more people packed into an area that size.

= 1.8 million people in Gaza

1.8 million New Yorkers

1.8 million Bostonians

1.8 million Houstonians

1.8 million Chicagoans

1.8 million Miamians

1.8 million Washingtonians

1.8 million Philadelphians

1.8 million San Franciscans

1.8 million Angelenos

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