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From up here, our planet looks perfect. It's only when we look more closely, that we start to see some of the results of our consumption. [music]
Does anyone know what happens to it all?
This is not just local problem.
Somehow, in the deep ocean, we've got /more trash than life.
We produce too much waste. We don't think about the consequences when we throw stuff away.
It seems to be a case of out of sight, out of mind.
Nature functions by building up and breaking down. Building up and breaking down. We keep putting things into the environment that don't break down.
Everyone in the population today has these chemicals in their bodies.
It's everywhere.
It causes all sorts of diseases.
A woman has a way of getting rid of it. It's called having baby. [baby cries]
We did it with smoking, the smoking ban. We did it with seat belts, and wearing seat belts. We did it with drunk driving, actually, when that became unacceptable. We need to do this with waste. Perhaps times will change and we will. [music]

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"TRASHED" is an award-winning documentary feature film by Blenheim Films with Jeremy Irons. This is just the trailer, but you can (and should) download the full film. And you could even take it a step further by finding ways to reduce waste both at your home and at work. Here are some ideas on where to start.

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