There’s A Secret That A Lot Of Kids Keep Hidden When They Go To School Every Day

One of the consequences when schools close for a day or two because of weather or other reasons is that some kids don't eat. Sometimes meals at school are the only time they can access nutritious meals that keep them alert and ready to learn. Here's one organization that is trying to help kids both when they're at school and when they're not.

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Girl: Hey. Do you know about hungry? It's okay if you don't, hungry is pretty hard to see. But my teacher Ms. Beale can spot it. She says it's not just a rumbling tummy. She says it's like a dry desert, or a starless sky. Ms. Beale sees hungry comes school. She says hungry makes it hard to learn. Hey, promise not to tell? Sometimes I see hungry. Hungry is the meanest, ugliest monster you've ever seen. With really, really bad breath. My little sister sees hungry too. Hungry makes me act different. Hungry makes us fight. Hungry shows up on Saturday and stays till Sunday. By Monday morning, I'm to tired to be hungry, but hungry follows me to school. Hungry is not at all a good listener. Today Ms. Beale told us something new. We are now going to have breakfast in the classroom. Not just today, but everyday. We will take turns passing out a healthy breakfast to the whole class. Guess what? Today is my turn.

Narrator: When we focus on ending hunger, kids get fed. No kid Hungry is giving kids the food they need to have worry free school days and happy healthy summers. We're working together to make sure hungry can't hide. So kids can be kids. And grow up to make the world of tomorrow the world we want to know.

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Mar 04, 2014

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