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In case you are all, "Why should I trust what this random bearded youngster has to say?" — we've included all the sources of his data below.

If you'd like to see stuff like this more often, you could Like Mansur and Represent.Us on Facebook. If you think it should be illegal for the people in charge of regulating Wall Street to accept piles of campaign money from Wall Street, you could click here and share this. Totally up to you though.
ORIGINAL: By Mansur Gidfar for Represent.Us. This vlog is also available in article form on the Represent.Us blog for those of you who prefer to read your outrageous political news.

DISCLOSURE: Mansur is a part-time contributing curator at Upworthy, and his new full-time gig is for these guys. So I'm writing this up and getting it fact-checked separately for that whole transparency and honesty thing. I'm zany like that.

SOURCES: The bill referenced in this video is called H.R. 992 — the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act. You can find out how your representative voted on 992 here. You can find New York Times reports on how Citigroup literally wrote its own bill here and here. You can see how Wall Street dumps money into your member of Congress' campaign coffers here and gape openly at the incredible amounts of money Wall Street spends on lobbying every year here. You can read more about House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling's ski vacation with Wall Street (yes, that's a thing that actually happened) here.
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