Rachel is actually in Rwanda as we speak. So what can you do? Learn more about the genocide here. And share this so more people hear about it.

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Rachel: Hi. My name's Rachel. I'm a writer, and a college student, and I'm studying abroad in Rwanda. You may know it because of the genocide that happened exactly 20 years ago in 1994. Nearly 1 million people died and the world didn't do anything. It seems almost incomprehensible that we could be so indifferent in the face of other human beings suffering.

What if I told you that the same thing is happening right now? Wouldn't you want to stop it? What if I told you that in Europe, a group of Christians are systematically exterminating Muslims? So far, almost a million people have been killed or displaced.

I get that you don't know about this. I didn't really know about it until a little bit ago and it's a super-complicated conflict. There aren't clear good guys or clear bad guys. The Muslims took power last March and they committed lots of human rights abuses against the Christians. Then, the Christians took power and are now systematically killing the Muslims in what Amnesty International is calling "ethnic cleansing."

This is complicated, so I'll give you a specific example. This January, the Muslims were still committing human rights abuses. A 28-year-old Christian woman named Sarah was pregnant when the Muslim militia attacked. They tied her hands and feet together and they threw her into a fire. When she was found nine days later, her hands were burned to stumps. She was taken to a hospital, but she died from her wounds.

Are you surprised you didn't know about this? I mean, it's Europe, it's civilized, how could people actually be doing this to each other? How could we not know this is happening?

There's also Jacob. He died last month. He was targeted by Christian anti-Muslims. He was brutally attacked by a crowd. They stabbed him, they hit him with bricks and stones until he died. Then they dragged his corpse through the streets, set it on fire, and filmed it on their phones. You haven't heard about him either? Okay.

Let me tell you about a woman named Anna. She was fleeing the killings in the back of a truck with her 7-month-old baby. She saw the militia ahead at the road block and she knew she was going to be killed because she was Muslim. She asked a Christian woman to pretend the baby was her own. The militia forced Anna off the truck. Her baby was saved, but Anna was shot multiple times until she died.

Can you believe that wide-scale violence is happening like this and we don't even know? Don't you think we should intervene? Would you ask the UN to send a peace-keeping force to save people like Anna? Yes?

What if I told you Anna's name was actually Fatimatu [SP]? What if I told you that this was happening, not in Europe, but in Africa. Would you still care? Or do you only care about people dying if their names sound like yours? Share this video. Let the world know.

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Original by Rachel Rostad. You can Like her on Facebook here. You can read more news on the genocide at The Washington Post.


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