He Was Sick Of Racists Crying ‘Free Speech,’ So He Grabbed A Mic And Free Speech'd Right Back

All I will say about this hilarious smackdown Australian comedian Aamer Rahman gives the "racism is no big deal" crowd is that I really, really, really want to give away the punchline ... but I won't because that would be a tragedy for you.

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Aamer Rahman: The government's been talking a lot lately about changing the Racial Discrimination Act, basically, to make it easier to publish hate speech and our Attorney General, George Brandis, was on TV in the middle of this whole thing and he was talking about freedom of speech because whenever anyone says racism, white people say, "Freedom of speech."

And George Brandis thought it was really important, at this point, to say publicly that people in this country have a right to be bigots. And a lot of people got really upset, but I understood where he's coming from because I'm an artist, right? I believe in freedom of speech and I believe freedom of speech needs to be protected, but, more importantly, I know freedom of speech needs to be defended for people who don't have a voice and, guys, I think we can all agree, if there's a group of people in this country that don't have a voice, it's bigots... bigots and racists because where do you hear the views of bigots and racists? Who speaks for bigots and racists? Who represents racists in this country?


Really. Who represents racists? Besides the government, who represents... besides the government and a few major national news outlets, who represents racists? I was watching the news the other day, I had to switch it off. I was shocked. I was like that news report was only like, 90% racist. Like, when are we going to stop silencing racists? When are we going to stop oppressing white people in general? When? And I know that's quite controversial for me to say because I'm not white, so not my struggle, but . . .


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Original by Aamer Rahman from his upcoming stand-up special, "The Truth Hurts." Aamer can be found being funny and real on Twitter and Tumblr. This bit was his response to proposed changes in the Racial Discrimination Act in Australia, and more newsy details about that controversy can be found here, here, and here.

Jul 09, 2014

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