Jon Stewart is interviewing Anita Hill*, who is one of the many women and men refusing to stop talking about sexual harassment until there's absolutely nothing left to talk about. In part one, she lays out her plan for what's next in this fight, and in part 2 she bravely inspires everyone with her principles and positivity.


*Anita Hill went on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" to promote her new documentary, "ANITA." This is the trailer for it. The confirmation hearings for now-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that catapulted her into America's TV world were happening over 20 years ago (I know!) when I was a kid. I mostly remember everyone being SO vicious toward her (like this article in 1991 from Time magazine titled "Sex, Lies and Politics; He Said, She Said." What?! This was about a legit legal hearing.).

Since that coverage was a little bit bananas, it might behoove you to get a fact-ier viewpoint on the whole thing. Read up on Wikipedia about her and the hearings for more non-sensationalized details, including a not-the-most-noble-cameo-ever from my favorite VP, Joe Biden (he was Senate Judiciary Committee chairman at the time).

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