An 83-Year-Old Movie Shows Exactly What To Say To Anyone Who Tells You How To Live Your Life

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If we look at this movie scene that's over 80 years old and still think, “Yeah! She makes a good point!” then feminism hasn’t quite worked yet. We’ll get there, ladies and gents!


I found this on my friend Meredith’s Tumblr. If you know the person who made this GIF set, find me on Twitter, and I will link to them and say their name and give them the credit they deserve!

OK, so the larger plot of the 1931 movie "Possessed," where Joan Crawford plays “an ambitious factory girl,” isn't the world's most tried-and-true, Gloria-Steinem-approved feminist MOMENT. Still, feminism contains so many multitudes, and this particular and specific scene definitely shows someone was trying — 83 years ago. Progress begins slowly. Treasure the small steps.

MOVIE HISTORY TIME: Movies from this time were made in pre-code Hollywood, before the enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code, or Hays Code. These movies were kinda edgy because, well, they just ignored the rules. After the code (which was originally created by a random Catholic dude and a Jesuit priest) took over, not only were there fewer swear words and less of the sexier stuff you’d expect, but the censors also enforced a whole lotta arbitrary gender norm kind of stuff, too. This video all about pre-code Hollywood goes into detail. AND to add awesomeness to awesomeness, this girl-power scene above was written by male screenwriter Edgar Selwyn, who adapted the script of female writer Lenore J. Coffee. Ladies and dudes having major creative (feminist?) solidarity 80+ years ago. It's a beautiful thing.


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