It's easier for me, being a dude, to get through a day without getting catcalled or condescended to or doubted. I didn't do anything special to earn that — it just came with my dudeness. Flipping the genders really brings to light some of the awful things that happen to women in our male-dominated society.

Some of my friends have to go through this stuff every single day. Hopefully, being aware of this will make more people reconsider the next time they think about responding to any of these situations like this.

Trigger warning (sexual violence) and slightly NSFW, but it is absolutely worth the time.

If you have a second, you should share this along.

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[song lyrics] Like a boy I've got long hair I wear a leather jacket A locket and a wide belt like a boy Like a boy I'm obstinate I'm hotheaded, watch out Like a boy, and yet, I'm just a girl And when you take me in your arms Oppressed majority, I'm just a little girl I'm lost when you're not around

Let's go!

Hello my dear!

Good morning!

What about the building meeting? It looks like a jungle here! Who do you think is attending to all this? I should really be talking to your wife.

Okay. Goodbye!

Do you need any help?

It's OK, thank you.

Lucky you are to have such a cute daddy! Keep smiling, honey!

Hello Nissar!

You want to play?

Not too hot today?

No it's OK.

It's new, I mean the…?


Is it your wife that wants you…?


Is she in?

No she went out.

Listen Nisssar, I don't want to be rude but don't you feel more and more trapped?

First you shaved your mustache, then your whiskers.

I'm afraid you look like a child. But you're a man.

I mean we are men.

You don't belong to anyone, do you understand?

It's the law, you know. So God is protecting me.

Come on, lend me your dog, I'm all alone! You prick! Let me suck your dick! Assembly-line blowjobs, boys! Wanna? Spare some change, man? Fuck! Today's fucking Prick's Day!

That's enough.

What?! What's your damn problem? Think I don't see you, sitting there shaking your ass in my face? With your nice little blue bermudas! You know what, you're tacky and that's a problem cos I need hot guys, man! Understand? Fuck off, you prick!

Hurry up, Samia!

I'll be in my office in a minute. God, there's a girl pissing in the alley again.

Hello handsome!

Fuck, my padlock's stuck.

C'mon Samia.

Hmmm, nice ass!

Let me call you back.

You pissaholic!

Gotta problem?

Doesn't like compliments, does he?

Just bugger off!

Fuckin' skank. I hate fatties!

Hey wanker! What did you say? Who are you to think you can talk to me that way? Can't you hear me?

Now he's mad! And I'm scared!

You make me horny, baby!

Dumb bitches.

What did that fatherfucker say?

I'm OK, just a couple of twats.

Why did you insult me? Say you're sorry or I'll cut off your precious stuff.

Let's get outta here guys!

Let me go.

Enjoy, sister!

Let me go.

Shut up! He's sweating. Are you hot, porky?

Your nipples are hard!

People are coming over here!

Fuck you!

Tell me your nob is tiny.

Let me go now. Please.

It's Men's Day! Shut the fuck up!

I beg you.

“Still threatening me with a utility knife. She pulled down my underwear, she pinched my testicles, I screamed, then she took my penis to her mouth and bit it. This time I yelled. A neighbor eventually opened his window and off went my harassers." Is that it?


Please read over and sign.

Here you are.


Jojo wants to see you.

I need a coffee, cutie. Regular, with sugar and cream. You'll remember that?

I think so.

Looking good in those jeans.

Well thanks!

In full daylight and no witness. Interesting, huh?

What are you getting at?

I'm just asking questions. Don't be aggressive. Wouldn't want to be charged with insulting me? What are you trying to do?

You should have gone home! I would have met you there! I didn't get it. What did those psychos do to you? I'm so sorry, pumpkin. I couldn't get out of the meeting. I couldn't last ditch them. But I think I really knocked 'em dead.

Oh really? I'm proud of you.

You look like hell.

I wanna go home. Please, take me home.

Are you done with all the medical stuff? Ok let's go. I parked far away.

Oh fuck! Fuck! I can't take this fucking feminist society anymore. It feels like our brothers fought for nothing. You've got nothing to say?

I can't stand your masculinist nonsense. Look at the way you dress! Short-sleeve shirt, flip-flops, up-to-the-knee bermudas!

I dress the way I want!

Don't you dare complain then!

Do you want me to wear a balaclava?

Look I'm exhausted.

Where are you going? Marion!

I'll go and get the car. I need to calm down.


You make me horny, baby! You're so hot! Tight ass! Stupid cunt! Keep smiling, honey!

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The short film "Oppressed Majority" was directed by Eléonore Pourriat.

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