An 8-Year-Old Girl Reacts Horrifically To His Disability. A Viciously Brilliant Rant Is Born.

Comic Ryan Niemiller explains how people suck at empathy.

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Ryan Niemiller: My people, when they first meet me, they don't know what to do about this. It gets really tense. It gets really uncomfortable. You guys remember. But I thought people just can't handle it all. They like, just can't handle that moment of me. As if I have to make it right for themselves. So what they do to ease that tension is they'll mention something to me that I can't do, and then say, "That sucks." But they pick such weird stuff, I don't know if I should get mad at them, if I should hug them. I'll give some examples. So one guy, he was like, "Ohh, ohh, Ryan, dude. Ryan, that sucks." You can't even like, "Yo yo." Yup, that's the one. That's the one keeping me up at night. That's the one I just can't get passed.

This next one actually came from an eight-year-old girl, which was awesome because if you're feeling pretty good about yourself, let an eight-year-old girl verbally kick you in the nuts. That'll fix that for you. This little girl, after she saw me and after she screamed, after she screamed, it was a big scream too, which [side] now has led me to a new game that I play. Now, when I'm out in public, and I see children staring at my arms, I like to pretend that I'm discovering them for the first time too. I'll be like, "What are you looking... Oh my God, what happened? Call somebody." That's why I'm not allowed at ToysRUs anymore.

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Original by Ryan Niemiller and "Laughs." They have other funny stuff on their Facebook page as well.

Sep 03, 2014

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